יום שבת, 19 בספטמבר 2009

Memoirs of a Yarn Shop Owner - Part 2 - Judges Ruling

Thank you for all your concern.
As I said, I don't believe in the court system. Somehow the bad guys always win.
I was frustrated by the outcome, but realized that because the bad guys always win, I must be the good guy, so here's to nothing!
We arrived at the courthouse on the day of the trial, an hour earlier, and took our place on the benches inside the courtroom. While waiting our turn, other trials were taking place, some petty arguments like ours, neighbours disagreeing on a parking space, drivers trying to prove who was at fault for their smashed fender, a women demanding her money back from a class instructor for missing a class.
And in the middle of all this bickering, which I am supposedly part of, a prisoner is led in with chains on hands and feet. He looks pretty beat up. That's when reality hits me. I am in a real courtroom for the first time in my life. I am actually being charged for doing something bad! What am I doing here? This is not my natural enviorment. I shouldn't be here with criminals.
Finally our turn. She calls our name. The women is holding a nylon bag. The sweater is probably in there. I hope she tries it on and shows the judge how beautiful it is. That will prove she is a nutcase. Oh. What if she stretched it? She has had it for 6 months. Who knows what she's done to it? Who knows what she will say?
I try to keep calm while the women tells her crazy story. Everything she said was true. She admitted to hours and hours of free help. hours and hours of patience and professional help.
The judge asks he if she paid for instructions or paid for any type of help. No, she says, it's "built-in" the price of the wool. "It's known that everyone gets free help if they buy the yarn"???!!!???
She babbled on and on. I was waiting my turn. But it never came. I was never called to speak my peace.
The judge complemented her on the beautiful cabled sweater. She said she wished she had one like it. She doesn't understand why the women is sueing us.
The judge then turned to me. "I have made my decision". Wow, this is going to be good, I thought to myself, I was wrong after all. The judge must be a knitter and read this women for what she is.
"Do you mind if she keeps the sweater?" The judge asks me.
No, of course not, I said.
She is probably going to give her the sweater and tell her what a nutcase she is, I thought.
Well then, not exactly.
I was to pay the women the whole amount that she paid for the yarn, the magazine, the needles, including amount she paid us for hours of sewing together and finishing off the sweater, and an extra 100 shekels for all her trouble.
No explanations. Just pay the women. What did I do wrong?
Where is justice?
I wonder what was going on in this judges head while she ruled against me.
The women thanked her, smiled and congratulated the judge for the new post she was granted. The judge smiled back.
What post? What are they talking about?
Can anyone explain to me what is going on?
Honest citizens beware!


amyrpk אמר/ה...

That is just beyond outrageous. Did you open your mouth at all? Say anything at all? I'm totally not getting how that can happen.

But then again, I worked in the court system in the US for two decades, and I'm used to a system that, while not perfect, is actually reasonably fair. And everyone does get their say ...

Sorry this happened to you.

Katha אמר/ה...

oh my, what on earth is going on in peoples heads...??? thats so wrong. is there no wa to go against it? or is it not worth it financially? i wish you all the best and hope that all that has a happy ending